Welcome to Nema Labs!

Nema Labs is a Swedish company aiming to revolutionize compiler technology. It is a spin-off from research at Chalmers, one of Sweden’s leading universities.

Initially Nema Labs work was to be an add-on to commercial compilers to aid development of parallel code for multi-core processors. During development of this technology we saw possibilities to really make a difference in this field. By combining a modern IR with an end-to-end build system we aim to achieve unrestricted program-scale code specialization and transformation.  A decision was made to incorporate these ground breaking ideas into what will finally become our product offering.  It will increase the time before you can try our product – but it will be worth the wait!

 If you are a skilled C-programmer and an expert in order theory, automated deduction and discrete mathematical optimization we would like to talk to you about possibilities to join our team.

Contact us at info@nemalabs.com.