Do Not Hire A Locksmith Without Checking These

Sat 12 March 2016 | -- (permalink)

There aren’t any laws at the federal level that require American locksmiths to have any form of training, certification, or other validation that they know how to do their jobs. In fact, only thirteen states have any such thing. So how do you know that you can trust a local locksmith?

Well, as it turns out, there are a few different ways.


key1The first is that many states do require it’s locksmiths to be bonded for a certain amount of money. So the first thing you should ask anyone claiming to be one for is proof that they’re bonded.

For those of you that don’t know, bonding is like of like car insurance — it’s basically a form of insurance that says “if I do something in the course of my job that hurts one of my clients, this insurance will pay to have it fixed.” Working with any form of contractor that isn’t bonded is a bad job, but with a locksmith it’s particularly important, because a locksmith is in a particularly powerful position in terms of allowing other people to get into your home.


The Associated Locksmiths of America is an organization that is devoted to offering a non-governmental way of affirming that a given locksmithery is a quality operation. They provide their own independent licensing system, and it’s not just a “pay us for your certification” mill like so many places these days are. You actually have you prove your stuff and if you have any complaints of ethical violations, they’ll drop you like you’re hot. In the bad way.


The Better Business Bureau keeps records of each business in every major trade area in the USA, and they only put their seal of approval on businesses that ask for it, earn it, and then never receive a complaint. A locksmith with the BBB seal is one that you can almost certainly trust.

Word of Mouth

Probably the best way to find a locksmith you can trust, of course, is to ask someone you know who has had a good experience with one. Also, once referred, be sure to check the locksmith's website and see that it is professional looking. Not only will you end up with a locksmith you can trust, but one that will probably treat you well as well.