Replacement Car Keys Ford Explorer

Fri 17 June 2016 | -- (permalink)

When it comes to Ford, several auto locksmiths are familiar with the key systems on these vehicles. Many service older and newer Ford explorer cars. The older Ford Explorer (Until mid 1996) are using an older key system (10 wafers in the ignition), while the newer ones are using the standard 8 cut (8 Wafers) keys.

Program Ford Explorer Key

How much does it cost to program Ford Explorer key? For most Ford models, a reliable locksmith will program the key for free, or will charge you a small fee for the service. For the newer models, a different programming procedure is required, and the cost goes as high as $130 – $180.

This is why it's always good to program more than only one key. If you want to provide your own key(s), some websites online can provide you with low cost replacement keys.

If you had a bad ignition switch (Ford Focus ignition, Some Ford Explorers, Ford Ranger), some locksmiths will drill it out and install a cheap aftermarket coded ignition. However, one who knows his craft will build a new ignition switch, rekey it for your key and install it in the car. You'll be amazed to know that in most cases an ignition that is built from scratch will be cheaper than a Ford dealer or an auto mechanic that will try to install an aftermarket coded part.

If you have 2 working Ford keys, you can program the third, forth and go on (Maximum of 8 keys) by yourself. In order to do it, you will need to insert the first working key and turn the ignition to the ON position. After 5 seconds, remove the keys and insert the 2nd working key – turn it to the ON position and once the security light goes off (about 5 seconds), insert the new key and turn it to the ON position again. Five seconds later, your new key has been stored.

If you've lost a key, contact a locksmith and ask him to reset your car immobilizer. A local auto locksmith can reset your immo box (2 keys required). This will ensure that you will have the only set of keys that can start your car.

Ford Explorer Remote Programming Instruction

Ford keys can be programmed using diagnostic tools. But what about Ford remotes? Do you really have to use a locksmith or take your car to the dealer to have them programmed. The answer is no.

For most Ford remotes programming, follow this procedure:

  1. Turn the key from OFF to ON 8 times in 6 seconds.
  2. Once you hear the chime (and the locks in the car will cycle twice), click on any button on your first remote.
  3. If you have more than one remote, click now on any button on the 2nd remote (And go on).